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Photo: laughing teenage mothers in Sierra Leone - link to the online donation form

Photo: Child in front of a dump side

In 2014 over 2.5 million inhabitants of the Mexican state of Oaxaca were living below the poverty line. Most of those people are living in slums, which are endlessly growing right on the doorstep of big cities. Often they are located close to huge waste disposal sites. Amongst the most severe problems within these areas are the lack of access to education, basic infrastructure, proper health care and food.

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Photo: Smiling nepali women

Within the western industrialized countries an ear infection is treated easily and effectively and mostly is not worth talking about it. For the people living in the Global South an infection like this might result in serious consequences – not only for their health but also on their role in their social environment. Let aside the fact that these infections are painful, they can lead to life-long deafness as well.

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Photo: A group of happy young female students holding up a banner

Above all, the civilian population suffers from the war in Syria as well as the once again flared up conflict in Iraq. A large number of people was forced to leave homes and houses. Many of the refugees went to the Kurdistan Region – let alone the city of Kirkuk received 750.000 people.

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Photot: Nepalese mother and her child

Severe childbirth injuries are rarely experienced in the western industrialized countries. If they happen they usually are treated in professional manners. In comparison, the situation in Nepal and other countries of the Global South is quite different.

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Photo: Women of a microfinance group in Kenya

Caused by the climate change and alongside heavy, seasonal rain falls in Western Kenya, the dry seasons changed: They became longer and more powerful. The biggest part of Kenya’s population is strongly dependent on their agriculture and suffers a lot from these new and powerful dry seasons – But by building a micro dam we can ensure the water supply even in times of little to no rainfall.

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