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According to the Global Health Security Index, very few countries in Latin America are prepared for a pandemic as poorly as Honduras. The government has imposed several strict restrictions. This made it even harder for coffee farmers in our project region Nahuaterique to survive.

Due to poor infrastructure and remote location, they have great difficulties importing the food. Some of the food prices have tripled.

The region of Nahuaterique is located 12 kilometres from the border of El Salvador. The two countries were at war in 1969, but it took until 1992 when the United Nations ruled that the region of around 6500 people is Honduran. However, nowadays people still feel forgotten by the state, many only having Salvadoran citizenship. It is extremely hard to participate in Honduran political life. The infrastructure is in awful condition. To get to a doctor they often have to travel long distances on foot.

We have partnered up with Roasters United to help the coffee farmers of the COMBRIFOL cooperative (Cooperativa Mixta Regional Brisas de la Frontera Limitada). The first step will be providing food parcels and seeds to assist with the most basic needs. The criteria for those who need help the most will be based on their social status and will include single mothers. After that, our partner will set up a nursery to raise seedlings. This will help them become more autonomous, enabling them to make their own supply of fruits and vegetables in the future. A total budget of 5000 euros will be dedicated to the project – a relatively small amount, yet of great help to the community.

Actions such as these are essential in curbing the spread of the virus across the country. Support us with your donation!

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