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Within the western industrialized countries an ear infection is treated easily and effectively and mostly is not worth talking about it. For the people living in the Global South an infection like this might result in serious consequences – not only for their health but also on their role in their social environment. Let aside the fact that these infections are painful, they can lead to life-long deafness as well.

Social restrictions
Children, who suffer from hearing impairments, are limited in their abilities to participate in school. Their disability simply makes it impossible for them to keep track of all what is taught. Their contact to their peer groups loosens up and they lose confidence in their own abilities. Adults, who suffer from hearing impairment, often experience difficulties finding jobs and securing their own survival. Nepal displays that poverty and suffering from hearing impairment are connected.

Shortage of treatment possibilities
Let aside the fact that there is only one single specialized hospital in Nepal's capital Kathmandu there are almost no ENT – facilities. As a reaction to this lack of proper health care, our local partner INF sends doctors to remote areas. Since ten years these specialist offer treatment and sickness prevention. But to reach all people who are in need those measures still are not sufficient.

Construction of a new ENT-clinic
As a reaction to the desperate situation a new specialized clinic has been constructed in Pokhara in 2015. Since it is equipped with modern medical supplies and specialized staff, it will significantly increase the suffering population's chances to be treated fairly and successfully – completely independent from each person's social class. TERRA TECH and INF are supporting the first steps of this project. Alongside the treatment of patients the clinic focusses on training additional personal in order to continue this work in the future.

The clinic as well as the remotely located camps are run by INF which secures sustainability and success.

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