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Severe childbirth injuries are rarely experienced in the western industrialized countries. If they happen they usually are treated in professional manners. In comparison, the situation in Nepal and other countries of the Global South is quite different.

Childbirth injuries
A vesicovaginal fistula is an artificial link between the birth canal and other internal organs. It develops if the fetus puts pressure on bones and maternal tissue gets caught in between. In doing so, it interrupts the blood circulation, the tissue dies and is replaced by a link between all affected organs. This link causes uncontrollable excretion of urine and feces.

Non-existing care system and social decline
Women that suffer from vesicovaginal fistulas have to face a cruel future including stigmatization and exclusion from the rest of society. It is not unusual for these women to be sent away by their husbands and be forced to live alone. Responsible for these actions are unpleasant wound odor and incontinence but also the women's already low social status. The combination of poor infrastructure, limited financial funds and the lack of medical staff makes treating these pregnant women difficult. Furthermore cultural taboos inhibit a lot of women from informing themselves and getting help.

Training hospital
TERRA TECH and International Nepal Fellowship will build a training hospital in Surkhet (one of Nepal's 75 districts) and inaugurate it in 2018. Within this hospital patients will be treated as well as the staff will provide training courses for additional personal. The operations are supposed to help woman to live a life of human dignity again. They also should serve as an example for other pregnant women as well as their families, encourage them to deal with the issue and not turn a blind eye on it.

The new clinic will be built on the property of the already existing district's hospital. This way we are going to make sure that the local community will be included in the training hospital's day-to-day operations from the start. INF is planning on looking after and supporting the hospital for about 10 years. After this time it will be handed over to the public authorities. Not only will the hospital support and heal affected women but also help raising public awareness and social acceptance to the topic.

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